July 15, 2007

Yet More Soup

So it's not that I'm overly obsessed with soups (although, let's face it, there really is no better way to eat veggies), but that I find myself suddenly being in the very strange position of being someone who cooks. All the time. All kinds of food. And even more strange, I am now that person who prefers the food I prepare myself to what others can prepare for me. When we go to restaurants I purposely don't order things I make at home (seriously, in very broad categories - no salmon, no chicken, no potatoes) because I know ahead of time that I will most likely wish I were eating my own cooking instead. That's a pretty heady dish for someone who until six months ago would go out of her way to avoid stepping into the kitchen.

So with that long disclaimer about why I am constantly and unendingly so excited every time I make some new thing that tastes good (I'm still shocked that it's happening, people! Ask my family - they're as flabbergasted as I am), here is the latest:

Vegetable egg drop soup

Spinach, potato, red pepper, and green onion soup with - la technical piece de resistance - an egg drop. That's when you whisk eggs, and then slowly pour them into boiling liquid (in this case the pretty much made soup) and they cook in long thin strands amidst the veggies. This soup is basically my grandmother's recipe, except I added the pepper, and the egg dropping variation (she just takes a hard boiled egg and drops it in). Yay! It's delicious.


Miss Welby said...

ciao, nice blog

mwg said...

I can't wait to try all the tasty dishes. I also can't believe I will be actually eating home-made food - not prepared by me and tasting I-have-no-doubt-so deliciously!