July 10, 2007

Dr. Seuss

Lara knows all the end-rhyme words in our Dr. Seuss books:

She really seems to have an affinity for words (I know, shocking with this gene pool, right?), instantly memorizing names of objects and activities and remembering them, unprompted, basically forever. She is in the midst of a transformative time when her passive vocabulary is slowly becoming active, and she frequently surprises us by confidently and correctly naming something that we haven't talked about in weeks. I have a great image of all these stored up words rising like slow bubbles in almost-boiling water, clinging to the sides of the pot, but still cautiously making their way to the surface to pop into speech.

We are constantly noticing her brain at work, now, while it is still an observable process. She considers new ideas overnight and tackles them the next day with much deeper understanding. About a week ago, Misha pointed out our shadows to Lara, who stared at the sidewalk with bemusement and distrust - but the next day she was waving her hands around saying "shashow, shashow!" and playing with the pool of sunlight streaming in through the window. She doesn't fully get it yet, obviously, but it was lovely to see that leap between one day and the next.

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