June 9, 2007

Soup #2

Ok, that first vegetable soup has lead to bigger and better things. I am slowly learning how to recreate all the delicious, comforting food of my childhood, and can now check off borscht.

Borscht with sour cream

It's somewhat harder and more hands-on than the other soup - and I sort of chickened out and made the vegetable rather than the beef-based version - but oh my gosh, when I realized that the smell in the kitchen was the familiar sweet tang of beets, I was thrilled.

Here's a little story to tell you just how far I've come. A couple of years ago, Misha decided to get me a chocolate cake for my birthday. He works crazily, so he ended up having to get it four or five days before he was actually going to give it to me in order to be able to sneak it into the apartment undetected. But what to do with it? It's in a huge box, needs to be kept cold, but also needs to be a secret. Misha did the most logical thing - he put it front and center in our refrigerator. And he was right - I was utterly surprised five days later. Not once during that time had I actually opened the fridge. Yeah. I know.

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MWG said...

This looks so yummy and you almost see it steaming.