June 4, 2007

Big and Little

Lara now knows the difference between big and little. In her rendition, big is deep basso "buh" while little is a high-pitched squeak (this may have something to do with our trying to onomonopeically depict the difference between the two...). This weekend we were at the playground and she leaned down to pick up a small stick, showed it to us, and said in a deep voice, "buh buh." "No, that's a little stick," Misha and I responded in unison, to which she dramatically opened her other fist, and squeaked, showing us a tiny piece of bark. Yet more confirmation that big and little really are relative - a fact Lara found out the hard way when we went to see the newborn twins of our very close friends. Suddenly these small people (dolls? what were they? Lara really couldn't figure it out) were getting all the attention, being called "cute" and "little" and all the things her parents usually said to her! And she couldn't even play with them. Needless to say, Lara threw a bit of fit after an hour of this treatment...

Also this weekend, a delightful visit from grandparents.

june 4 - 1

Daddy always gets this face:

june 4 - 2

While Peter gets the face on the left:

june 5 - 4 june 4 - 3

Isn't the picture on the right funny? That composition is right out of some nineteenth century bourgeois family portrait, except there Peter would be a stern-faced painting in an ostentatious frame behind Misha and Lara rather than an actual stern-faced man.

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Mommy said...

Loved the pictures and the comments - just LOVED it! Thank you.