May 31, 2007


Say what you will about her parents, but Lara certainly won the hair lottery. This is how she wakes up in the morning. Seriously, how much would you pay if a salon could actually make this happen for you?

may 31 - 1

may 31 - 2

Oh, and by the way - the ticket for that hair lottery? Must have come from some other gene pool, because no one in our families has anything remotely like this on their head.


Mumsy said...

So what can I say? Knock on wood, t'fu-t'fu, kina-hara (which I learnt means the same in Idish) - I loved it. I'd like these pictures as pictures to add them to my framed pictures collection.

MWG said...

I just looked at the pictures again (for the umpteenth time) and realized I forgot to mention - what a great outfit, so cute!