April 11, 2007

Cah! Caaah!

That is to say, "car" in Lara's rendition. Here is a little top, just reconned for the spring weather. Originally, this was a knit onesie (marked 3-6 months); cut off right above where the snaps for the leg division were, it's now a tunic-length sweater vest.

Reconned pink sweater for Lara

The applique is felt, the buttons are random, and the bottom "binding" is made out of one of my old tshirts. It's not that strangely bunchy in real life... not quite sure what happened in this picture.

Don't you just love that giraffe and alligator? They are from a Melissa & Doug "chunky puzzle" just right for toddler fingers. I love their stuff - wooden toys that are so wonderful to the touch and so well designed and thought-out. We picked this up in the store, and Lara just intuitively knew what to do with it, which to me is the mark of great design.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Boston accent Lara!