February 18, 2007

Bailey Monster

A long, long time ago, Misha and I saw the Uglydolls for the first time and, smitten, decided to make some of our own out of fleece. The ideas were good, but without too much follow-through. Case in point: I've had the shape of this stuffie hanging out around the house for probably... oh, let's say five years. Seriously. Talk about a work-in-progress. But with some eyes, freckles, and a little shoes and skirt combo, she's Bailey, the monster who'd love to be a dancer. She is somewhat concerned, however, that her natural plumpness puts her at a disadvantage. Bailey is going to be a present for a good friend. Shh, don't tell.


Anonymous said...

These are reminiscent of some toys I saw on Danish Bohemia, an eclectic site with crafts, artisan pieces, etc. Bailey is MUCH cuter and of course has much more flair!

modmom said...

much better than an ugly doll!
LoVe the shoes + skirt!

shirley said...

Loving the skirt! Bailey is too cute.