January 26, 2007

Foam Core + Wire Hangers + Hot Glue Gun = ?

Desk-side shelves! So my desk? Measures three feet by two, which is just not really enough space to put anything. To remedy that, I just whipped up (I think it must have taken something like 45 minutes) some shelves with pieces of foam core I found in my craft cabinet. They just happened to be of three varying sizes, so I ended up with that pleasing tiered effect. I anchored them to the wall with wire hanger wire: basically, I shaped 6 V's out of the wire and then bent the angle of each V up 90 degrees. Then I hot-glued the long V parts to the underside of each shelf (making sure the long parts span most the shelf depth for extra weight support), and hung the shelves from screws. Here is what the underside ended up looking like:

Oh, and you know how the glue gun tends to carry a label saying the glue is hot? Yeah. Turns out that's true.


Terry said...

Nifty shelves!

yeah, I have prominent hot glue scar on my left thumb. It's a badge of honor, you know.

Anna said...


Yeah, I fortunately didn't actually get scarred, but my glue run-in happened of course right after my husband said, "You know that glue gets really hot, right? Be careful!" and I scoffed at his over-worriedness. :)