December 5, 2006

Small World

Has anyone checked out the Nikon Small World photomicrography website and competition? Because if you haven't, you need to click and go there right now - I have never seen colors and images like the ones these amazing scientists happen to capture when doing their experiments. And that there is a contest every year for picking the winners? Seriously, click the link.

Using a bunch of their images, as well as other photomicrographs found all over the web, I printed t-shirts for all the guys that are usually impossible to shop for. I made a whole bunch, but here are three that I haven't wrapped yet. They are themed. For a grandfather, a "Gray's "Papaya" shirt with images of hot dog meat, hot dog bun, and relish (the white tee). For an uncle, images of Burgundy, champagne, and Pinot Grigio (the black tee). And for Misha's cousin's boyfriend, whom we don't know that much about, just some very cool images of science-y things (the gray tee).

Incidentally, because I love it so, here is the clue for the wine shirt:

Part I:
I shivered in snow on the Champs D’Elysee
Sans warm winter coat, it wasn’t my day
To a salesman I said, “Pardon moi, monsieur”
Then my French failed me, so I just said, _____

Part II:
The last round of eating in “Meat versus Man”
There’s the fat guy from Jersey and Ken from Japan
Poised to devour each hot dog and bun
They drool as they wait for the ref’s starter _______

Part III:
A suitcase of cash I’ll dump on her desk,
Trying to bribe my orgo Prof Tresk
I’m now failing her class but I guarantee
At least this will earn me a nice passing ______

Get it? "Brr" + "gun" + "D" = Burgundy!

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