April 20, 2012

Front Door Greens

I now present to you the totally overhauled and re-greened front of our house! Ta-da:

The window boxes have been planted with alternating English Ivy and Creeping Jenny plants, which will hopefully do their vine thing and start to hang down over the box edges soon, and the bottom flower bed is where we moved that grassy plant from the back yard, which I have recently figured out is liriope. The low profile of each is totally intentional, since it blocks the least amount of light. Here is a closeup view for your better enjoyment:

Curious to know what it looked like before? Me too. I sort of don't remember, and of course I totally failed to take a picture... but here is what I've managed to cobble together from the shots the appraisers and the realtor took. Basically, half-dead bushes in the bottom bed, and prickly and overly tall arrangements in the boxes. Terrible choices all around, since they blocked light on the darker side of the house!

1 comment:

mwg said...

Looks lovely - very fresh, alive, and "springy". I also liked the matching (green and yellow) planter on the door step:)