February 9, 2012

Little Changes

Ever since we bought the house, I've known that the number plate on the front door would have to go. Faded brass, tiny numbers, and an altogether old-timey look - not really my style. But really, house numbers? Way on the back burner... that is until I read a paranoia-inducing article about how emergency response vehicles may be delayed if they can't make out an address from the street. Yikes! Gulp, right?

So, the door before:

The door after:

As you can see, I replaced the old drafty mail slot with a new two-sided one. I also spray-painted that lion head knocker. All that's left is to spray-paint that doorknob - but still, what a difference!


V. said...

LOVE! little details came make a hUGE difference.

WYSIWYG said...

Nice work! Enjoy the peace of mind as well .

Institute for Internet Safety said...

Nice! It so different from the old one. Right decision to change the size of the number :)

Enlightenment said...

Awesome! Good thing you change it. Now you have a peace of mind. Stay happy!